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Standard Micro

Price: $110

Provides a deep cleanse and instant pick – me – up. Includes Cleanse, Microdermabrasion and appropriate moisturise to suit skin type.

New York Facial

Price: $140

The ultimate exfoliation and VitC boost. An antioxidant enriched Vitamin C mask is applied after a thorough microdermabrasion resulting in protecting cells from free radical damage whist brightening and firming. Perfect for pigmented, sun damaged or aging skin.

Clarifying Micro

Price: $145

Combining Microdermabrasion with a gentle enzymatic mask for a deeper cleanse to decongest sluggish skin followed with a super hydrating and repairing mask. Perfect for oily congested, thickened and sun damaged skin

Collagen Boost Micro 

Price: $170

The Ultimate Skin treatment to address dehydration, sun damage and aging.A Lactic peel is applied following a microdermabrasion to stimulate cells, deep cleanse and resurface , then our soothing Collagen mask is applied with a relaxing décolleté massage. This 100% natural Collagen Protein mask deeply hydrates and plumps the skin with amazing long lasting results

Deluxe Fillmed Microdermabrasion with LED Light


Price: 45 mins · $145

Using our Luxurious FILLMED products combined with microdermabrasion to remove superficial dead skin cells to give you a radiant glow. This treatment is a double Cleanse, double pass with our microdermabrasion, Eye Recovery Mask, GR-Youth Mask and finnishes with our FILLMED Post Care Range. Safe for pregnant women